In the Ekvi Hosting Control Panel you will find a fully–fledged, simple to operate Database Manager! Use it to have complete command over all of your databases. It is possible to simply set up new MySQL and PgSQL databases and manage them via the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software programs, respectively.

Clean and Hassle–free Interface

Be in charge of all of your databases from within one location

The Database Manager in our Control Panel boasts a robust nevertheless user friendly interface. You’re able to configure a completely new MySQL or PostgreSQL database simply by entering a username and password. Also, you could make a backup file or change the password of any database with a click of the mouse.

From the Database Manager you’ve got direct access to the management area for every one of your databases, so you can make uncomplicated alterations when you need to.

Hepsia File Manager

Effortless Database Backup

Guard your database content with merely a mouse click

In case you have dealt with databases, you know that creating a manual database backup just isn’t a basic task. In order to change this, we’ve made very simple tool that will back up the entire database with just a single click. The back–up file will be prepared for you in less than a minute, with regards to the size of the selected database.

You won’t notice any limitations on exactly how many copies you can make for a specific database.

Hepsia File Manager

Support for PgSQL

Assured security for one’s databases

PgSQL databases are much less famous as compared to the standard MySQL databases. Then again, they’re a preferred choice for designers who seek the best security for their web sites and apps. Because of the incredibly user–friendly Database Manager built into the Ekvi Hosting Control Panel, you can manage your PostgreSQL databases with simply a click of the mouse.

You are going to find PgSQL databases integrated automatically in the best Linux cloud web hosting packages packages. Provided that you are with a basic hosting package, you can request PgSQL databases to be included in your website hosting account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The new face of MySQL

With Ekvi Hosting, you will always find the most up–to–date version of MySQL and also the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, installed.

InnoDB is definitely more dependable than the earlier storage engine’s version – MyISAM. It’s ACID–compliant and, best of all – it includes full transaction support. What’s more, it works by using row–level locking, instead of MyISAM’s table–level locking, that used to lead to effectiveness issues at peak usage occasions.

Hepsia File Manager

Detailed Database Stats

In depth statistics for all your databases

From the comprehensive database stats tool built into the Control Panel, it will be possible to keep tabs of the load generated from your active web sites at any hour. Virtually any overload problem with your sites could lower the loading rates and have a bad effect on the online experience of your respective visitors. Hence, by having details for the database work immediately, you are able to mend overload problems without delay.

The database statistics user interface shows details of the number of daily, hourly and monthly lookups, so you’re able to review just how the load is distributed over various time frames.

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